The Everyday

It’s ‘Golden Week’ in Japan and I have a longer than (conventionally) long weekend. I’m reading @LizStrout My Name is Lucy Barton and @Patrick_Ness A Monster Calls presently. Each I’m finding a gracious influence. Doing laundry this morning, I wrestled with the clothes that had gotten twisted in the washer, becoming aware of myself hurrying to get them out onto the line, for no particular reason other than to be done with it. A memory flashed into my mind of the slow and simple pleasure of doing a wash and hanging it out in the gifted last months of a dear friend’s life on This Side. 

Taking time for the quotidian, it seems to me, is easily overlooked but adds immensely to being present in our days. I’d go as far as to say that living well requires it.


One thought on “The Everyday

  1. I agree. The “ordinary” so often is considered to be boring, burdensome, or unworthy of attention. There’s wisdom in the Benedictines’ focus on Ora et Labora — prayer and work. We live in a real world, and engaging with it in any sort of work — even laundry — is a way of remaining grounded: which is to say, real.

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