Gleanings: 5 Seeds. November, 2015 (1)

Gleaning by Arthur Hughes

I read quite a bit day in, day out, and tweet the links a bit, but not everyone shares all of the same social media platforms so I thought I’d offer a few links on the blog, from time to time, that I’ve found to be of value, thereby adding, I hope, to the Interestingness Index of Life!

  1. Anyone who read my posts [here and here] on changing stories and their implicit engagement with the religion-science dialogue will most certainly be interested in Alister McGrath’s Science and Faith: Exploring an Intellectual Frontier.
  2. I’m noticing how very dark the mornings have become (and they’re not even really all that dark where I live) and how quickly the afternoon becomes evening . . . Which gives very good reason for why I am a devotee of the advent memorial of the Oriens on the winter solstice. This, Lighting Our Candles, We Dance into the Dark, was a beautiful, nostalgic and encouraging read as we, in the northern hemisphere, incline toward winter.
  3. How did I not know about Nostra Aetate, that document that emerged from Vatican II concerning the relationship of the Church to non-Christian religions? The more I think about it, the more I see how this has been part of my unconscious scaffolding! The article, linked above, by Michael Barnes SJ, is one of the articles I’ve read about it. He calls the declaration ‘the moral heart of Vatican II’. Partly because of my generation and partly my geography, I suppose, but reading it had me feeling (beyond!) shocked by the disrespect that predated this document. I’ve recently received a copy of Rabbi Sacks’ The Dignity of Difference and see that Sacks was interviewed in a recent On Being show (which I’ve yet to listen to).
  4. In amongst the 50th anniversary Nostra Aetate commemorations (end of October), I was introduced to the work of the French-Jewish historian, Jules Isaac and am finding his story utterly compelling!
  5. Last week, Rene Girard passed away. I saw quite a few tributes to him online but was especially reminded of his work when I read this hopeful piece, ‘Love in a Changing Climate’ on the recent synod by James Allison, whose theology is very intertwined with his reading of Girard. For a couple of interviews with Girard ten years ago in the autumn quarter, have a listen to Entitled Opinions. One is on Sept.17th on Mimetic Desire and the other, on October 4th, is on Ritual Sacrifice and the Scapegoat.

Image: Gleaning  by Arthur Hughes


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