To be alive and to know that you live!

My advice to anybody is: get born.

~ Jeanette Winterson

This gift of being alive now . . . is so important . . .

Once you become aware of being alive, really aware, life becomes a very different experience.

~ Gerry Hughes

I have this feeling that if you liberate yourself, anything you lay your hand on can sparkle.

~ Leonard Cohen

Living is a great good in relation to others . . .

she who lives totally is living for others,

she who lives her own vastness is giving a gift,

even if her life takes place in a cloister of a cell.

Living is so great that thousands of people benefit from every lived day.

~ Clarice Lispector

Each of these pieces of wisdom I take in and roll around in my mind. Sometimes I see the essence, the light within them; sometimes they go dark. Nonetheless, I believe them. They seem to me to be worth the faith.

And this, today, from Pico Iyer, I especially appreciate:

FullSizeRender (1)


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