A Joyful Commotion (with sprinkles of rain)

It was an overcast and humid day when the commotion broke out along the garden path below my classroom. Curious, I peeked out to see scores of small bodies, excited, chattering, some squealing and some sombre, flowing at the pace of lava by the serious work at the University. They had recently erupted from the nursery school next door; each child armed with a long-stemmed flower. There were lilies and roses, sunflowers and carnations. The children were on the march to the grotto to greet and present flowers to Mary.

Sure enough, it did begin to rain during the procession. The heavens gently opening was taken as a very good sign, however, all the better to keep their prayers and offerings fresh.

(Photos, courtesy of L.S. ~ on the ground at the time, late for class and amazingly in possession of the ever-elusive ‘handy’ phone . . . Ta!)


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