Two types of Truth

The ‘new’ physics and cosmology is magical stuff. Thrilling and strange it offers some pretty wild fields of delight for minds of every shape and aptitude in which to romp. (Caveat: preference given to the Curious Variety . . . 😉 I’ve been dipping into this collection of dialogues with the Dalai Lama recently. I’ve been turning over this idea like a smooth stone in my pocket, or a string of prayer beads, from Niels Bohr:

There are two types of truths: simple truths and deep truths. A simple truth is a truth where the opposite is not true. A deep truth is where the opposite is also true. 

See where this leads you as you breathe peace into this day . . .


2 thoughts on “Two types of Truth

  1. Reading one of your blogs is like sitting in a boat on a beautiful calm day in sight of the shore, while you swim around below, gathering treasures we surface dwellers never knew were there. Thank you for this pearl, Kate. Your links are always a pleasure to follow as well. Your thoughts and words are beautiful and inspiring. And that’s the simple truth.


    • Awww, thank you! What a lovely image yourself, Lyn. I’m just as happy to be swimming around in the deeps as I would be to be floating around in that boat of yours . . . sounds dreamy!


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